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The Ullr Vikings are coming to conquer the world!

Better to join the Ullr Crew than fight a losing battle. Wherever you live fly the Ullr Flag by wearing some of our Ullr Crew Gear. Turn heads, gain respect, and represent the crew with pride. With your choice of Ullr Crew hats, zip up hoodies, men’s and women’s t shirts.

It was the first and it’s never going anywhere

Traditional Ullr Gear

Ullr Bar Traditional Gear was designed by Warrior Wuk himself and is the standard battle gear for all warriors. The original Ullr logo on your shoulder will remind you and everyone that sees it that you are tuff as nails.

This boat is only moving forward, so get on board now or miss out.

We made it three years and this Ullr Gear will help you celebrate. Every year to celebrate our anniversary we release a limited amount of battel armor. This year’s three-year logo was designed by Warrior Cuk (the battletested brains of Ullr Bar). This sick logo was brought to fruition by the crazy talented Warrior V. Three years old represented by three shields and three sails.

Ullr Three Year Gear

There is only a limited amount of the three-year gear made
Listen to that voice in the back of your head that says “Buy it!” or you will miss out for ever.

We love all your support and the more Ullr Gear that is sold the more amazing Ullr limited release gear we will give you.

Support, rock it with pride, and know this means you are supported by the entire Viking village.